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Summercourse 6, 7 and 8 of August 2024

Wibi's Summercourse in August 2024

'Study with your head, perform with your heart'

This summer the Masterclasses will be from the 6th till the 8th of August 2024 at Wibi Soerjadi’s mansion.

The summer course will be 3 days of unforgettable piano mania at Wibi Soerjadi's estate. The masterclasses exist of intensive lessons in a comfortable and mostly motivated way to get the very best out of everyone with the group. Most common problems like:

  • Difficulties to remember the score
  • At home it went well but at the performance I missed too many notes
  • Despite much practise I still have technical problems with a piece
  • My hands and shoulders hurt during playing
  • How can I play faster without forcing
  • How do I get more pianistic control
  • How can I see more structure of the score and making it alive
  • How to overcome stage fright

Mr Soerjadi's innovative and highly effective Floating Hand Technique will be taught and there will be a concert day for the participants.

There will be two levels:

  • Level A is for the professional pianist, conservatory level and higher
  • Level B is for the enthusiast amateur pianist

Price is €595 for three days including food and stay. A short video of two minutes and a motivation are required in order to qualify.

For information:

Wibi Academy

Wibi Soerjadi seldomly responds to the many requests for private lessons from pianists all over the world. Therefore, a masterclass is an unique opportunity for piano talent to be initiated into the technical and artistic secrets of successful piano playing by Wibi Soerjadi.

Mr. Soerjadi is in a pianistic way known for his dynamic sound, great skills, excellent pianistic abilities and outstanding piano techniques like Floating Hand. His ability to quickly and efficiently make the technique students’ own and feel the intention of the music in a seamlessly effortless and inelaborate way is an extraordinary and instructive experience. During his masterclasses attention will be given to his Floating Hand technique and sound, concentration, interpretation, posture, stage fright, memorization, Muscle Memory, Muscle Mind and much more.

For more information, masterclasses of private lessons, please contact: